lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

Todas las unidades militares Ucranianas están en manos rusas

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Todas las unidades militares en Crimea están en manos de las tropas rusas y los militares ucranianos que son fieles a Ucrania están abandonando la región...

No Ukrainian Military Units Left in Crimea – OfficialIMFEROPOL, MARCH 24 (RIA Novosti ) – All military units stationed in Crimea are now under the control of the Russian military, and remaining Ukrainian servicemen are departing the peninsula, the region’s first deputy prime minister, Rustam Temirgaliyev, said on Monday.
As Crimea’s reunification process began last week, a total of 147 military units in the predominantly Russian-ethnic region have replaced Ukrainian flags with Russian ones and applied to join the Russian armed forces.
“All Ukrainian military personnel have either joined Russia or are leaving Crimea,” Temirgaliyev said.

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