sábado, 14 de junio de 2014

Incidente chino-japonés


En este caso la víctima fue el avión chino. Nuevo incidente chino-japonés en el mar de la China Septentrional (Mar del Este chino) cuando una pareja de cazas F-15CJ de las fuerzas de autodefensa japonesas le interceptaron llevando a cabo unas aproximaciones bastante cercanas, como se puede ver en las imágenes...

Tu-154MD Chino

Japanese planes seriously threaten China's flight over East China Sea
TOKYO -- Japanese Self-Defense Forces' aircraft seriously threatened the safety of a Chinese plane that flew normally in the China's Air Defense Identification Zone over the East China Sea, said Chinese Ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua Thursday.
Cheng made the remarks when he met with Japanese vice Foreign Minister Akitaka Saiki the day and refuted protest lodged by the Japanese side over what it called "plane encounter" incident.
Cheng said that Japan's YS11EB and OP3C aircraft tailed after China's Tu-154 plane as close as 30 meters over the East China Sea at around 10 a.m. Wednesday and the Japanese fighters' action seriously threatened the safety of China's plane.
In an effort to prevent further contingency, two Chinese fighters, following orders, flew to the incident airspace and conducted surveillance on the two Japanese planes with a distance of 150 and 200 meters respectively, Cheng said.

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