jueves, 12 de junio de 2014

Entrenamientos con el Mi-28N a gran altitud

Noticias Fuerza Aérea Rusa

10 tripulaciones de helicópteros de combate Mil Mi-28N del distrito militar Sur han llevado a cabo entrenamientos de tiro a gran altitud, unos 3500 mts, con lanzamientos a más de 3000 mts de los blancos ...

Army Aviation pilots JUVO improve piloting skills Mi-28N helicopters at high altitudes About 10 crews Mi-28N "Night Hunter" airbase Southern Military District, stationed in the Krasnodar region, will work during a training flight piloting skills and destruction by fire at high altitudes. The average flight pilots admitted to fly in the highlands, is not less than 150 hours in a variety of weather conditions, day and night.
During training sessions on mountain range in Kabardino-Balkaria crews "Night Hunter" in low visibility conditions to be worked on complex logins alpine site to 3500 meters above sea level with tactical landings. Pilots will learn the skills of piloting modern helicopters in mountainous terrain with rounding hillsides, passing gorges and mountain passes to overcome. Besides pilots will perform combat marksmanship by shooting at stationary targets located at a distance of more than 3000 meters from the turn of the discovery of fire. 

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