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Sobre el coste del programa de portaviones para la Armada Rusa...

Noticias Armada Rusa

El jefazo de la oficina de diseño Neva dió una entrevista a Itar-tass unos días atrás donde soltó una serie de perlas de las que destacaré las previsiones de costes para el programa de armamentos así como el periodo de desarrollo.

... El coste del portaviones de nueva generación varía entre 100 a 300 billones de rublos (2.000 a 6000 millones de Euros o 2790 a 8370 millones de $) y su creación llevará 10 años.

Los equipos y sistemas serán unicamente de diseño y producción en Rusia.

La propulsión podrá ser nuclear, diesel o de turbina de gás para desplazamientos entre 50.000 a 80.000 toneladas.

The creation of an aircraft carrier in Russia will need 10 years cost perspective Russian aircraft carrier may be from 100 to 300 billion rubles, to create it will take approximately 10 years. In an interview with Trend. ITAR-TASS General Director of "Neva Design Bureau" / "Neva PKB" /  Sergey Vlasov . "Today the Russian aircraft carrier promising technical specification no. cost of such ships, remember, varies from 100 to 300 billion rubles. From inception project to the flag raising will take approximately 10 years. Carriers included in shipbuilding program until 2050, but they are there on terms than we would like. Our design department conducts preparatory work, and if we assume that tomorrow we will go to start the job work, we start them immediately, "- said Vlasov. According to him, the draft of the new ship can theoretically include "anything." We have a carrier specific tasks that it must perform, and everything else just weights and overload the project. "For example, submersibles aircraft carrier did not want this vessel tracking function. However, our navy has always been wanting to do projects encompassing. vivid example -" Admiral Kuznetsov ", which set all kinds of weapons. Opinion" Nevsky PKB "on this bill clearly - the carrier must be air defenses. However, he will never walk alone at sea, protect it - the task of accompanying ships," - says Vlasov. He added that the new carrier can be any power plant: nuclear, diesel, gas turbine, any displacement - from 50 to 80 kt.

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