domingo, 4 de mayo de 2014

TsAGI, completada la primera fase de pruebas de la maqueta del modelo de avión espacial

Noticias Espaciales

El Instituto TsAGI completó la primera fase de pruebas en el túnel de viento del que podría ser el nuevo sistema reutilizable espacial ruso ...

... Posible apariencia final ...

TsAGI gave recommendations to improve the layout of reusable launch vehicles
in the Central aerohydrodynamical Institute. prof. NE Zhukovsky completed the first phase of comprehensive research of reusable launch vehicles (MRKN). TsAGI specialists formed promising proposals for improvement of the launch system developed by MV Khrunichev Khrunichev in cooperation with more than twenty companies of the aerospace industry.
planned that the new family will remove MRKN payloads weighing 20 to 60 tons borderless fall of the first stage, which is a qualitatively new step in the national rocket.
Experimental studies were carried out at the Department of Research aerothermodynamics hypersonic aircraft objects and space rocket technology. In subsonic and hypersonic wind tunnels carried weight and thermal tests, during which identified major issues aerothermodynamics.
Experimental studies on the return rocket block landing modes revealed a number of critical features, after which analysis TsAGI scientists gave important recommendations for further improvement of aerodynamic configuration .

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