lunes, 5 de mayo de 2014

El distrito militar Este recibe 10 estaciones Syuzhet MB

Noticias Ejército Ruso

El distrito militar Este recibió 10 estaciones meteorológias avanzadas Syuzhet MB capaces de recibir y procesar la información del tiempo en cualquier zona del planeta en tiempo real ...

04/28/2014 (00:09) In the Eastern Military District received modern mobile meteorological complexes "plot MB"
In the Eastern Military District received 10 modern mobile autonomous complexes receiving meteorological information "plot-MB." These new systems allow real-time receiving, record and process the necessary information about the weather anywhere in the world with both geostationary and orbiting weather satellites with, in particular, Russian meteorological satellites "Meteor-M1", "ocean", "resource", including in the field. " The plot of MB "mobile and has small dimensions. The set includes a laptop and portable satellite receiving antenna positioning mechanism fitted. The system allows you to track the movement of orbiting meteorological satellites for more accurate weather information. Moreover, meteorological complex can provide information about ice conditions, the temperature of the water surface, volcanic activity, large forest fires, analyze level clouds.

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