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"Control climático' sobre Moscú 2014

Noticias Fuerza Aérea Rusa

Entran en escena los limpiadores de nubes de la VVS Rusa para que el día del desfile esté más despejado ...

... la VVS utilizará 10 aviones An-12 y An-26 para tareas de dispersión de nubes de cara a tener un día en Moscú lo más agradable posible en ese capítulo ...

05/06/2014 (20:45)
Today 10 Russian Air Force transport planes flew to Chkalovsky airfield to ensure favorable weather May 9 Today 10 transport aircraft of the Air Force (IAF) have flown on Russian military airfield near Moscow Chkalovskiy to ensure favorable weather over the Moscow region on May 9.
An-12 and An -26 will be equipped with special equipment by means of which will be spraying special reagents.
in cargo compartments of aircraft systems will be installed, including Dewar vessels for the transport and dispersion of liquid nitrogen, or external specialized devices for shooting of cartridges containing silver compounds .
process of applying reagent highly specific and require maximum security measure, combined with the highest level of qualifications of each member of the crew.
use oxygen system due to the fact that the technology associated with the use of reagent depressurization of the cargo compartment of the aircraft, which can be located on the heights of 7-8 thousand . sq. At this point the temperature in the compartment falls to -40 °, -60 ° Celsius, there is lack of oxygen.

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