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Sobre radares avanzados de Tijomirov

Noticias Fuerza Aérea Rusa

No os perdáis la entrevista a Yuriy Beliy, mandamás de los desarrolladores de tecnología radar NIIP Tijomirov ...

.. Voy a destacar los detalles comentados sobre el radar para el programa PAK FA donde la bancada de pruebas son los Sujoi T-50 ...

 How many flights have made ​​working models of the fifth generation fighter with your electronics on board? What are the tests? - Development grows almost without significant disruptions earlier schedule. In our experimental production has made ​​the sixth set of forward-looking main AFAR (AFAR IN), output AFAR AFAR sidescan and L-band. Two sets of on-board radar AFAR IN already have a decent raid on objects T-50 and T-3-50-4, soon to join the third flight test - T-50-5 with our equipment on board. The first series of flights confirmed the possibility to achieve specified performance in the main modes "air" and "air-surface", which indicates good technological advance development. However, there is a set of unexpected problems that comes naturally to the pioneering development and to address their needs time.


Sufficient funding gets NIIP whether such development? - Money does not happen much. Recently, with the new leadership of the Ministry of Defense became clearer rules of the game. And when working with "golovnikami" Naturally, everyone is trying to pull the blanket over himself, in particular, on the subject of the PAK FA we are discrepancies.
Look at the history of the development of American fighter - F-35, how many times have changed funding levels and completion dates, this despite the fact that our foreign colleagues did not have to relive the nightmare of the '90s and their shoulders already passed the first-born of the fifth generation development - F-22 fighter.
About the state of the industry in our country and in the United States, which is necessary in cooperation creators of such a complex technique, I do not say. This reason, our customers do not realize when required at times to increase the volume and speed up time, threatening fines. Such a situation I have been associated with the competition stayers one of them glowing with health and well-trained, and other long-fed, and he just walked away from a serious illness, but he seeks to overtake the first.
Will you participate in the production of items for future aviation complex long-range aircraft? - If you know underneath radar system (by the way, this "element" in modern combat aircraft occupies one of the defining roles, including cost), it is now we just consider this proposal. Backlog NIIP sufficiently filled, and we are carefully studying the requirements and evaluate our manufacturing capabilities. We performed a preliminary design, the company passed the Tupolev, defended him, held a number of meetings, waiting for the go-ahead and give the final TOR. We have questions about the scope of work, technical appearance, for pricing.
You participate in the development of Russian-Indian prospective multifunctional fifth generation fighter aircraft (FGFA - Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft), at what stage is this project? - We have completed and defended sketchily- technical design and are ready to continue. Handed materials "dry", they, in turn, - the Indian side. The primary distribution of works, we issued the TOR for those elements that specified foreign customer. Feedback yet. Is a negotiating process. I think that the delays are mainly associated with financing of the project by the Indian side.

... La entrevista al completo en

Resumiendo un poco lo interesante, los Sujoi T-50-3 y T-50-4 ya disponían de equipos radar a bordo. Se les unió el Sujoi T-50-5. Los vuelos de prueba confirmaron la posibilidad de lograr las prestaciones en el modo aire-aire y aire-tierra.

Han surgido algunos problemas que están intrínsecos al desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías.

Retrasos en el FGFA ruso-indio provocados principalmente en la financiación asociada a la parte india del proyecto.

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