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Unidades navales Rusas, Estadounidenses, Alemanas, británicas, Ucranianas y Francesas en el Mediterráneo Oriental (Actualizado)

Conflicto Sirio

Gráfico donde aprox. se muestran las unidades navales de las principales potencias en la zona del Mediterráneo Oriental actualmente ...

La corbeta de la Armada Ucraniana Ternopil regresó a su puerto base en Sevastopol tras cumplir su misión en el Mediterráneo...

Корвет «Тернополь» возвратился в Севастополь после успешного выполнения задач в Средиземном море

Anti-submarine corvette Naval Forces of Ukraine "Ternopil" under the command of Captain 3rd Rank Oleg Grigoriev boarding party aboard the team returned to Sevastopol after performing tasks within NATO antiterrorist operation "Active Endeavour".

The press center of the Ukrainian Navy.

While on patrol in designated areas of the Mediterranean ship found about 700 surface ships, interviewed as part of Operation "Active Endeavour" 75 ships, "Operation Black Sea Harmony" - 7 vessels. The campaign lasted 39 days, "Ternopil" running for 25 days covered about 5,000 nautical miles. The ship visited the basis of the Court (Crete, Greece) and Akzas ​​- Elm (Turkish Republic).

In the second half of the day on November 16 met with the commander of the ship of the Ukrainian Navy Admiral Yuri Ilyin, Assistant Minister of Defence, Admiral Viktor Maksimov, representatives of the Ukrainian Naval Forces Command, Brigade personnel of surface ships, relatives and friends of the sailors. 

After "Ternopil" moored at the dock of the native, the brigade commander, surface ships, the commander of the campaign captain Alexei Doskato reported to Admiral Yuri Ilyin on the tasks of long voyage. During the grand building on the ship the sailors asked the commander of the Ukrainian Navy Admiral Yuri Ilyin. On behalf of the military council and the entire personnel of the Navy sailors congratulated the return and thanked for their professionalism. As the Admiral Yuri Ilyin, acquired during navigation experience will be used personnel of the Navy.

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