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Rusia ofrece a Kazajstán las corbetas ligeras proyecto 21632


La Corporación de Construcción Naval Rusa ha ofrecido a Kazajstán las corbetas ligeras proyecto 21632 'Tornado' (versión de exportación de las 21630 Buyan rusas) aunque no ha trascendido qué versión de este proyecto será el protagonista de la propuesta rusa.

Proyecto 21632 'Tornado'

Versión 1 (cañonero)

Versión 2 (con misiles Uran)

Versión 3 (con misiles Yajont)

Versión 4 (Patrullero)

Gráficos desde oborona.ru y Army.lv

Russia proposed that Kazakhstan ships project "Tornado"
United Shipbuilding Corporation proposed that Kazakhstan small artillery ships project 21632 "Tornado", said  Jane's . Such a proposal was made ​​in response to the Kazakh Defense Ministry planned to buy ships for its navy forces stationed in the Caspian Sea.
Vessels can get different weapons depending on the wishes of the Kazakh soldiers. According to the Russian proposal on "Tornado" for the Navy in Kazakhstan can be mounted multiple rocket launchers A-215 "Grad-M" anti-missile "Yakhont" or "Uran-E" anti-aircraft missile system "flexible", as well as artillery caliber of 100 millimeters and 14.5 millimeters caliber machine guns.
As expected, the Ministry of Defence of Kazakhstan will make a decision on the purchase of vehicles in the near future. According to the Kazakh Navy captain Zhandarbek Zhanzakova previously Kazakh military held talks with seven foreign enterprises. According to sources, Jane's, familiar with the negotiations, the Kazakh military requirements to the ships so vague that it is difficult for them to form a concrete proposal.
Companies offered Kazakhstan ships with a displacement of 500 tons to 1.7 with different sets of weapons, as well as with and without the helicopter landing site. In addition to the USC Department of Defense of Kazakhstan held talks with China's Poly Technologies, the South Korean STX, Turkish Istanbul Naval Shipyard Command, Dutch and German Damen Shipyard Lurssen. Title seventh firms that participated in the negotiations, is not specified.

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