jueves, 5 de junio de 2014

El Ministerio de Defensa Ruso recibirá el primer Be-200 a finales de año

Noticias Armada Rusa

Beriev entregará al Ministerio de Defensa Ruso el primer avión anfibio Beriev Be-200 a finales de este año 2014, según ha anunciado en su página la coporación OAK ...

... será el primero de los 12 aparatos adquiridos por el ministerio de defensa ruso y el EMERCOM.

Defense Ministry will receive the first amphibious aircraft Be-200 until the end of this year,
first collected in Taganrog Be-200 plans to deliver to the customer "Beriev. Beriev "part of United Aircraft Corporation, until the end of this year. Amphibious aircraft will be one of 12 boards produced for the Emergencies Ministry and the Defence Ministry.
"Next year we plan to increase the volume of production - surrender to the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Emergency Situations three amphibious aircraft," - said Mikhail Pogosyan.
Execution of orders for the manufacture and repair of aircraft will allow "Beriev. Beriev "substantially, from 2 to 8.5 billion rubles, increase revenue, the president of JSC" UAC "Mikhail Pogosyan.
General Director of "Beriev. Beriev "Igor Garivadsky, reporting to the president of the Corporation's personnel policies, drew attention to the fact that due to the growth of the enterprise boot production staff salaries will increase by 30%.
This year Beriev. Beriev increased the hiring of new employees. A program for the training of engineers in the first place design. It involves increased interaction Target Training in SFU SSAU and others. Together with Taganrog College. VM Petlyakova launched a project on dual education for fitter-assemblers. Federal and regional budgets on purchase of educational equipment about 3 million rubles, the company will allocate additional funds. Project will train highly qualified specialists whose skills meet the requirements of production.

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