lunes, 28 de abril de 2014

Los Mistral para la Armada Rusa se entregarán en las fechas fijadas

Noticias Armada Rusa

Pese a las amenazas francesas sobre una potencial reconsideración sobre el futuro de los buques tipo Mistral para la Armada Rusa la Corporación rusa OSK ha anunciado que estos buques serán entregados a Rusia a tiempo, o sea, en las fechas fijadas ...

"Mistral" will be delivered to the Russian Navy at the time, sure USC MOSCOW, April 28 - RIA Novosti. French helicopter type "Mistral", being built for the Russian Navy will be delivered on time, said Monday the department director the state defense order the United Shipbuilding Corporation Anatoly helmets. France previously reported a possible suspension of military-technical cooperation with Russia. "Interesting question, we have constructed in accordance with the contracts signed two ship type" Mistral. "The first ship will be based on the PAC. He successfully led three out to sea, is now preparing to and the fourth is no doubt that it will be delivered on time, I have not. Doubt performing this contract, I do not "- said the helmets on the radio station" Echo of Moscow. " Russia and France signed in 2011 a contract worth 1.2 billion euros for the construction of two helicopter type "Mistral" for the Russian Navy. Ships built at STX shipyard in Saint-Nazaire French. The first ship "Vladivostok" launched and is scheduled to be delivered to the Russian Navy at the end of 2014, the second ship - "Sevastopol" - in 2015.

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