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Ejercicios con medios de rescate submarinos

Noticias Armada Rusa

En la península de Kola se llevaron a cabo los ejercicios de rescate submarino con la participación de medios submarinos tripulados y no-tripulados como los siguientes ...


ROV Venom

ROV Tigre

Equipo individual para gran profundidad Hardsuit 1200

04/09/2014 (17:53) in the Kola Bay tested underwater rescue exercise of the Northern Fleet
in the Kola Bay Today crews rescue vessel "Michael Rudnicki" and deepwater rescue apparatus AS-36 started working on interaction when performing deep underwater engineering and search and rescue . Within a few days experts rescue squad Northern Fleet will perform a program of the final stage of preparation for the exercise of search and rescue forces to ensure that will soon be held in the Barents Sea.
At a depth of about 50 m crew rescue apparatus AS-36 performs training on planting machine on the coaming- stand-pad layout submarine. Scholars Program also provides for implementation of mandatory complex underwater work, including exercises and submarine maneuvering underwater orienteering, search and examination facilities at depth - cable and power lines running along the bottom.
This phase of training rescuers in Kola Bay finished working on interaction when performing underwater work with the operators of remote-controlled, unmanned underwater vehicles "Venom" and "Tiger", as well as pilots atmospheric diving suits "Hardsyuit-1200."
On the teaching force search and rescue support, which will soon be conducted in the Barents Sea, the military rescuers to practice elements rescue personnel, conditionally distress. Including - to search for the submarine with the latest sonar samples domestically produced equipment installed on ships and vessels of the Northern Fleet, determine its location, examine the body using unmanned remotely operated underwater vehicles "Venom" and "Tiger." Crew rescue submersibles AC-36 will produce the actual lifting of submariners from a depth of about 100 m Press Service of the Western Military District

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