martes, 29 de abril de 2014

Pakistán interesado en la adquisición de 10 helicópteros Mi-26 'Halo'


Según la agencia Itar-Tass citando fuentes diplomáticas, Pakistán ha mostrado interés en adquirir entorno a 10 helicópteros pesados ​​de transporte Mil Mi-26 ...

Pakistan can buy about 10 Russian Mi-26 helicopters
MOSCOW, April 29. (ARMS-TASS). Islamabad has expressed interest in buying about 10 multipurpose transport helicopter Mi-26. This was reported today ITAR-TASS military-diplomatic source in the Russian capital.
Earlier it was reported that Pakistan is included in the list of countries where Russia could supply military products.
"regularly Pakistani side expressed interest in expanding military-technical cooperation with Russia. Today Islamabad shows the greatest interest to our helicopters Mi-26 "- said the source.
He said that we are talking about the possibility of acquiring Pakistan "about ten units of these machines."
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