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Encuentro en alta mar...

Fotografías Singulares

El Crucero Nuclear de batalla Pedro el Grande de la Armada Rusa y la Fragata HMS Northumberland de la Royal Navy intercambiaron señales en su encuentro en la costa occidental de Escocia...

he Devonport-based warship had been working with her Merlin helicopter in waters between the Shetlands and Faroes when the Kirov Class Pyotr Velikiy (Russian for ‘Peter the Great’) appeared on the horizon.As Northumberland sped to meet the battlecruiser, the Captain of the Pyotr Velikiy approved her request to hold a co-ordinated approach with the Merlin capturing the two ships sailing together.
The Commanding Officer of HMS Northumberland, Commander Tristram Kirkwood, said:
“I am very grateful to the Captain of the Kirov Pyotr Velikiy for allowing this exchange, and while HMS Northumberland is only half the size, from the air we looked like a formidable pair.“My ship’s company very much enjoyed the opportunity to interact with such an impressive battle cruiser.”This was the second time in as many weeks that HMS Northumberland has worked with the Russian Navy. Both the frigate and the Russian Federation Ship (RFS) Soobrazitelny took part in the Irish Naval Fleet Review during a visit to Cork.  

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