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ROSATOM y Astilleros del Báltico firman por 2 nuevos rompehielos nucleares proyecto 22220

Noticias Armada Rusa

Astilleros del Báltico y la Corporación ROSATOM Han firmado un Contrato para la construcción de 2 rompehielos nucleares proyecto 22220 por un total de 84,4 billones de rublos (1800 millones de Euros o 2450 millones de $) ...

 Rompehielos proyecto 22220 

Press Release May 29, 2014, Thursday
Contracted to build two nuclear icebreakers serial Project 22220
"Baltic Shipbuilding plant" state corporation "Rosatom" today, May 29, 2014 signed a contract to build two nuclear icebreakers serial Project 22220. Value of the contract amounted to 84.4 billion rubles. Thus, the order backlog "Baltic Shipbuilding Plant," today is 150 billion rubles. "For us it is very important that the state order, - said General Director of OOO" Baltic Shipbuilding Plant, "Alex Kadilov. - Thanks to him, the plant firmly stands up, it waits for a big upgrade that will make our company a modern, highly efficient shipyard. " "I consider contracting a universal event, indicating that the shipbuilders Baltic plant, the entire USC assume full responsibility for the timely and proper implementation of the construction of the entire series of new nuclear icebreakers - said Acting President of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Igor Ponomarev. - Create a series of cutting-edge universal nuclear submarines pr.22220 - another example of the fruitful cooperation between Russian shipbuilders and nuclear scientists, USC and Rosatom, is essential for steady development of the Russian Arctic projects, from the development of the northern shelf to provide commercial navigation on the Northern Sea Route, from a reliable solution to the problem of supply and rapid development of the polar areas to ensure the objectives of strategic security and protection of national interests in the Arctic region. " Recall that the "Baltic Shipbuilding Plant," is building a universal head of the atomic icebreaker project 22220, which was founded November 5, 2013. LK-60, named "Arctic", will be equipped with a nuclear power plant a new type of RITM-200 and will be the largest and most powerful icebreaker in the world. Its length is 173.3 m, width - 34 m, draft the design waterline - 10.5 m, minimum working draft - 8.55 m Displacement will be 33.54 tons. Under the contract the construction of brain icebreaker to be completed in December 2017. Deadlines serial nuclear submarines project 22220 - December 2019 and December 2020, respectively. Dvuhosadochnaya design nuclear-powered ships will allow their use in Arctic waters, and at the mouths of rivers polar. Icebreakers will provide pilotage transporting hydrocarbon feedstock from the fields of the Yamal and Gyda peninsulas, the Kara Sea shelf to the markets of the Atlantic and the Pacific.

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