domingo, 6 de abril de 2014

La República Checa adquiere 50 pistolas no-letales rusas Osa

Noticias Industria

No es la cantidad sino el contrato en sí porque las armas rusas se están abriendo mercados constantemente y el checho era uno de los que se perdieron, tras la caída de la URSS, y, ahora, parece que poco a poco vuelve a ser cliente. ..

Russian guns nonlethal "Hornet" will be delivered to the Czech Republic MOSCOW, March 28. (ARMS-TASS). JSC "FNPTS" Institute of Applied Chemistry "from Moscow, Sergiev Posad signed a contract with the Czech company" Max Merlin "(Max Merlin) for 50 pistols nonlethal" Wasp. "Explained korr.ARMS-TASS head of the institute for foreign trade, marketing and sales of civilian goods and pyrotechnics Artem Muranov, this is the first delivery "Wasps" in the Czech Republic, undertaken in order to analyze the local market. If Czech partner Russian producer sells the first batch of "Wasps" among the country's security forces and the Russian pistol interested these structures, then delivery will be expanded.
According Muranova currently running a series of new cartridge for "Wasp", where as damaging substance is a mixture of pepper extract-based production of the Nizhny Novgorod OOO "AKBS." It is assumed that this cartridge will be certified abroad, will make "Osu" universal non-lethal weapons that can be used non-lethal striking elements of all kinds.

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