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Anatoly Antonov responde al malestar japonés por la serie de vuelos rusos entorno a Japón

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Anatoly Antonov, alto cargo del ministerio de defensa ruso, respondió al malestar japonés por los vuelos de aeronaves rusas entorno al espacio aéreo de este país ...

... Según este hombre, los vuelos de los aviones rusos cumplen las leyes internacionales: no violan el espacio aéreo de ningún país y no amenazan a nadie ...

21.04.2014 (11:03) Comment Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov concerns regarding Japan's "frequent" Mission of the Russian military aircraft over the Sea of Japan media quoted Defense Minister of Japan Itsunori Onodera, expressed concern over the "part" of the Russian military aircraft flights over the waters Sea of Japan and the Pacific. As a result, reported April 14 that four Japanese fighter flew to intercept Russian aircraft. Would note that the Russian Air Force aircraft operated in strict accordance with the requirements of international law. Draws air borders they do not violate their flights for anyone not a threat. At the same time appropriate to recall that it was to remove those concerns in the practice of interaction defense departments practiced agreements on preventing dangerous military activities. They include the establishment of channels of communication and cooperation mechanisms that allow to promptly remove concerns about the military activities of each other near the borders. Given regularly scheduled flight Russian Air Force in the region in 2013, we went to meet the wishes of our Japanese colleagues and agreed to start negotiations on the drafting agreement on the prevention of dangerous military activities. This decision was formalized as orders to the military departments on the strategic dialogue in the "two plus two" in Tokyo. Believed that such an agreement would benefit both countries.

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