lunes, 21 de abril de 2014

Radares OTH para localizar blancos en los ejercicios en el mar Caspio

Noticias Armada Rusa

Durante los ejercicios en el mar Caspio la Armada Rusa empleó para la localización y asignación de blancos los nuevos radares con alcance más allá detección del horizonte (OTH)  Polsodnuj, capaces de detectar blancos de superficie y aéreos a distancias de hasta 450 kms ...

18.04.2014 (12:58) on the Caspian Flotilla during exercises used new radar "Sunflower" With experts electronic services and ship crews Caspian Flotilla (CFLs) held a joint exercise for the detection of surface and air targets with the subsequent issuance of target indications for the use of rocket and artillery weapons.  
during the exercise was used a new all-weather-the-horizon radar station short-range (radar station) "Sunflower", which came into operation as part of the CFL in 2013 The station is designed for the detection of surface and air targets at a distance of 450 km. Used for monitoring of surface and air situation within a 200-mile economic zone of Russia. radar "Sunflower" allows in automatic mode (simultaneously or sequentially) to detect, track and classify up to 300 marine and 100 aerial targets, as in the line of sight, and beyond the horizon, determine their coordinates and provide targeting complexes and weapon systems of ships and air defense. Teaching was conducted to rehearse the issues of interaction, the radar control centers with ships.  Press Service of the Southern Military District

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