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El primer vuelo del prototipo de helicóptero ruso de alta velocidad volará en 2018

Noticias Fuerza Aérea Rusa

El prototipo del que será helicóptero Ruso de nueva generación de alta velocidad o RACHEL volará en 2018, según anunció Dmitry Petrov...

Russian Helicopters schedules first flight of high-speed type for 2018

09:00 20 Aug 2013 
Russian Helicopters plans to perform the maiden flight of its new developmental high-speed rotorcraft towards the end of the decade as it eyes the fledgling market for advanced vertical-lift aircraft.
Development of the airframer's Russian Advanced Commercial Helicopter - or RACHEL - was first revealed at Farnborough air show in 2012. The company is now targeting first flight in 2018, says chief executive Dmitry Petrov.
A flying testbed is being built around a Mil Mi-35 to validate systems that Petrov believes will translate into a 10t-class machine capable of carrying 21-24 people at a cruise speed of 195-205kt (360-380km/h). Comparatively, AgustaWestland's 30-passenger AW101 boasts a cruise speed of 150kt.
Critically, says, Petrov, the aircraft must go into large-volume serial production, rather than exist as an expensive niche product.
In addition to the basic passenger transport model with convertible cabin suitable for offshore operations, Russian Helicopters envisions special variants for search and rescue, patrol and medevac missions.
At this point the company is giving away no clues as to the configuration of RACHEL, although its Mil and Kamov design bureaux in 2011 both fielded concepts for a high-speed helicopter. In addition, when it outlined the RACHEL programme in 2012 Russian Helicopters said it had decided to follow a "twin track" development approach.
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