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Dos nuevos satélites espía/reconocimiento del tipo Resurs P

Noticias Espaciales

La Federación Rusa pretende incorporar dos nuevos satélites de reconocimiento / espionaje del tipo Resurs P; el primero en el tercer cuarto de este año 2014 y el otro en 2015 ...

Two new remote sensing satellite will have Russia in 2014 and 2015
Moscow. March 7. INTERFAX.RU - Launch of new Russian spacecraft remote sensing series "Resource-P" will be held this year and next year, "Interfax" CEO Samara Company "Samara Space Center" Alexander Kirilin.
"Funding for space system" Resource- P "as part of the spacecraft" Resource-P "№ 1, 2, 3 being the necessary amount provided by the state contract. Launching spacecraft" Resource-P "№ 2 is scheduled for the third quarter of 2014, the spacecraft" Resource-P " number 3 - in 2015, "- he said.
In October 2013, advisor to the head of Roscosmos Valery Zaichko told that the spacecraft "Resource-P" adopted in nominal operation. "Resource-P" № 1 orbited June 25, 2013.
space complex "Resource-P" is designed to monitor the Earth's surface and transmit the data via radio to the ground complex planning, receiving, processing and dissemination of information for a wide range of targets in the interests of its customers: MEP, MOE, the Ministry of Agriculture, Rosreestra Hydromet and other consumers as well as for use in the development of international cooperation in the field of Russian control and protection of the environment and other pressing problems of remote sensing of the Earth.

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Tipos de satélite de espionaje / reconocimiento rusos en servicio:

Satélite Persona

Otro satélite Persona será puesto en órbita en unos meses

Satélite Resurs DK1

Satélite Resurs P

Kanopus V

Satélite Kondor

A finales del 2013 o comienzos del 2014 será puesto en órbita el siguiente satélite de reconocimiento / espionaje del tipo Persona, el Persona-3, del que se rumorea puede utilizar un enlace de comunicaciones por LASER: # 3

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