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Comienza la construcción de otro buque proyecto 23040

Noticias Armada Rusa

En el astillero  ZNT  de Nizhniy Novgorod comenzó la construcción del Que será 10 ª unidad del proyecto 23040 para la Armada Rusa. El programa prevee la construcción de 16 unidades ...

Proyecto 23040

At the "Nizhny Novgorod Ship" laid the keel of the tenth in a series of boat raid comprehensive rescue software project 23040 for the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation State Contract to Build 16 offshore boats comprehensive rescue software project 23040 for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation signed with JSC "Plant Nizhny Novgorod Ship" (JSC KIT) in late March 2013. In A very Short time before the end of 2013, factory built and handed over the first four boats Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy (Novorossiysk ). program in 2014 included six boats: 3 - for the Caspian Flotilla (Astrakhan), 3 - for the Baltic Fleet (Kronstadt). To date, laid the keels of the first in 2014 five boats (p. № № 1105-1109). Boats page number number 1105-1106 ready to be launched and waiting for the opening of navigation. Vessel construction number number 1107-1109 is in different stages from case assembly before loading equipment. Letting all six boats planned contractual terms - until the end of 2014. program in 2015 Will include six Boats for the Baltic Fleet (Kronstadt). Commissioned Boats already Praised Operators. Captain of one of the Boats Vasily Pavlovsky Proudly notes That for the first time on this type of Boats Provides A New control system completely: "It Greatly facilitates the work Joystick retention Boats and Precise Maneuvering in any Adverse Conditions." boat project 23040 is a further development of the series ten diving boats A160 project (building numbers 801-810) of KIT built in 2010-2012 for the FBI "Gosmorspassluzhba Russia", as well as diving boat project ZT28D «Pelican", developed by the design department of the plant. Compared with the Prior art Boats "Flamingo" and Their Heirs, Boats project 14157, 23040 have a boat project The larger dimensions, higher power-to and ice class, which allows them to work confidently on external raids and beyond with distance from shelter to 50 miles. "Additional Features boat - the special ability to Carry out the search, osmotrovye-finding and working with the help of A regular compact Remotely operated Underwater and A VEHICLE towed Sonar - says Chief Designer of KIT Andrew Chichagov. - Also for the first time on boats of this kind provides a joystick control system. "

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