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Las instalaciones estratégicas rusas serán protegidas por robots

Noticias Fuerzas Estratégicas

Según anunció Dmitry Andreev, portavoz de las tropas de cohetes estratégicos, las instalaciones de las tropas de cohetes estratégicos de la Federación Rusa será protegidas por robots, sin especificar modelos ...

Algunos modelos rusos en acción ...

Robots will protect Russian strategic objects
Strategic Missile Forces Russia intend to equip their facilities mobile robotic systems. On this, as reported by  "Interfax" , the Strategic Missile Forces spokesman Major Dmitry Andreev. According to him, the robots will be engaged in the protection and defense of strategic facilities. Explore the use of complexes began in March 2014.
Prospective mobile robotic systems are designed for exploration, discovery and defeat stationary and moving targets. In addition, according to Andreyev, they will also be used for fire support units for patrol and protection of important objects in the other automated systems security.
Robots get weapons and will accompany and hitting targets in automatic and semi-automatic control modes. Complexes also receive electro-optical surveillance and reconnaissance radars. Other details about the prospective complexes Andreev did not elaborate, but noted that in 2014, the five objects of the Strategic Missile Forces will receive new security system, "including the use of modern technological advance in the development of robotic systems."

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