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Las nuevas fragatas para la Armada India y Rusa instalarán turbinas rusas

Noticias Armada Rusa

Las nuevas fragatas proyecto 11356 modificado para la Armada Rusa y, si se firmase, el nuevo lote de fragatas proyecto 11356 para la Armada India recibirán turbinas de fabricación Rusa de la Empresa Turborus en sustitución de las de diseño y fabricación ucraniana, según ha anunciado la Propia Empresa...

Propulsion systems, new frigates for the Black Sea Fleet will be the company "Turborus" Rybinsk enterprise "Turborus" will take over the maintenance of gas turbines Ukrainian production set for Russian frigates series 11356 for the Black Sea Fleet (lead ship - "Admiral Grigorovich"). ITAR-TASS news agency quoted a source in the military-industrial complex. 
"We have built six ships of project 11356 on Shipyard" Yantar ". installation on three ships delivered, yet all three were paid, but the settings did not come. Ukrainian side has banned delivery" - a spokesman said.  
Moreover, teams that were supposed to ensure the supervision of erection and commissioning works on three frigates, returned to Ukraine, not through the conduct of operations. "Nevertheless, the Russian Navy and industry have found an adequate solution with the help of the company" Turborus. "Prepared solution that will be presented to the commander in chief of the Navy and the Deputy Minister of Defense, that" Turborus "takes full responsibility for the erection and commissioning -naladochnyh work on these three ships, "- said the agency interlocutor.  
Moreover, if the political situation does not get better soon, "Turborus" will take over the responsibility for warranty service of power plants of Ukrainian origin. 

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