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EEUU envía el destructor USS Donald Cook al Mar Negro


La US NAVY estadounidense enviará al destructor USS Donald Cook al Mar Negro como gesto simbólico de apoyo al gobierno en Kiev ...

... El USS Donald Cook es uno de los destructores estadounidenses con base en Rota, España.

U.S. sent a destroyer in the Black Sea "Donald Cook" in the Black Sea is directed by an American destroyer "Donald Cook» (Donald Cook), equipped with a missile defense system "Aegis» (Aegis), reports Interfax-AVN citing television channel CNN-BBC and Pentagon officials
destroyer will arrive in the Black Sea "is tentatively next week", and its presence in the region should be a symbolic gesture of support for Ukraine and NATO allies in the region, said channel. How much time the ship will stay in the Black Sea, not reported. He is expected to take part in joint exercises with the Navy ships of NATO member countries in the Black Sea and visit a number of ports.
Pentagon spokesman Steve Warren confirmed that the Navy in the coming days would send the U.S. destroyer in the Black Sea, "to assure our allies in our about commitment in the region. " However, he stressed that this decision is "a direct result of the current situation in Ukraine." S.Uorren does not have what it planned to ship in the region.
According to the Information Service of the U.S. Navy, now destroyer "Donald Cook", based in the Spanish port of Rota on the Atlantic, is located in the Mediterranean Sea.
ship arrived in Spain on February 11 . Washington decided to put it on a permanent basis in Europe in the framework of their phased adaptive missile defense system.
According to the information officer of the U.S. Navy in 2014 at the naval base in Rota for permanent basing arrive another destroyer - "Ross» (Ross), and in 2015 - the destroyers "Carney» (Carney) and "Porter» (Porter ).

More: http://vpk-news.ru/news/19791

More: http://vpk-news.ru/news/19791

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