jueves, 3 de abril de 2014

El nuevo visor ruso PSU

Noticias Ejército Ruso

La Planta de óptica de Novosibirsk está poniendo a punto su nuevo visor PSU y aquí va un vídeo para verlo al detalle ...

SIGHT PSU goes on sale of "Schwabe - Defence and Security" (JSC "PO" Refinery ") announces sales of its new sight - CSP. Sight is a system with two fixed magnifications - 1 and 4 times range. Shallow multiplicity widefield effective in driving hunt to capture objectives and 4X - for precise shot at a distance. The process of changing the zoom instant, provided transfer lever at the bottom of the sight, this action does not distract from the hand control for the purpose. Features sight - fast switching multiplicity quick steel clamps with locking, lighting grid, a large eye relief, rugged aluminum housing for leaks. structural difference from the known analogues is the internal reconciliation run, here crossbeam mechanism is fully protected from adverse factors, such as mud, rain, sand. Also note additional fixation clips from their accidental opening in heavy traffic arrow.


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