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Comienza la construcción de la 7ª corbeta proyecto 21631

Noticias Armada Rusa

En las instalaciones del astillero Zelenodolsk se llevó a cabo la ceremonia de puesta en grada de la 7 ª corbeta proyecto 21631 clase Buyan M para la Armada Rusa, la Orejovo-Zuevo ...

Laying small missile ship project 21631
ata news: 5/29/2014
May 29 at JSC " Plant named after AM Zelenodolsky Gorky " ( the enterprise is a group of companies JSC "Holding company" Ak Bars ") ceremony of laying the seventh in a series of housing small missile ship project 21631, designed by JSC  " Zelenodolskoye design bureau. "
Small Project 21631 missile ships, building a plant in 2010 for the Navy of Russia, are multipurpose ships class " river-sea ", equipped with the most modern types of artillery, missile, anti-sabotage, anti-aircraft and electronic weapons . Appointment of ships of this project - safety and protection of the economic zone of the State. Traditionally ships are named Project 21631 ancient Russian cities. The seventh ship of the project by the order-in-Chief of Navy of the Russian Federation given the name "Orekhovo-." In 2013, two ships of project 21631 - head " Hail Svijazhsk "and the first production" Uglich "successfully passed the state tests. Receiving ships acts were signed by the State Commission in late 2013. On the stocks of "Zelenodolsky Plant named after AM Gorky "is building four more ships of project 21631 -" Great Ustyug "," Green Dol "," Serpukhov "and" Vishny Volochek. " Currently the factory crew arrived MRC "Great Ustyug", which is to master modern weapons systems, mechanisms and shipboard systems, and together with the specialists of the plant to prepare the ship to move on inland waterways in the Caspian Sea to pass state tests and the subsequent transfer of IRAs Fleet. 

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  1. cuantas se piensan construir

  2. Hola

    Esta es la última bautizada. Hay 3 botadas y otras 4 en construcción y se rumorea que se construirán al menos 10.