domingo, 10 de febrero de 2013

Proyecto 4202

Noticias Fuerzas Estratégicas

El blog RussianForces ha publicado una entrada a la que recomiendo echar un vistazo por lo novedoso y por lo singular de la que tomo un párrafo para muestra:

The "hypersonic warhead" is not the only possible explanation for the activity at the Object 370. The description of the A35-71 as a "launcher" (ракета-носитель) seems to imply that it would be used to deliver payload into space. I thought that the Naryad-V ASAT system is a reasonably good candidate as well - it was supposed to be deployed on UR-100NUTTH missiles. But a colleague who spent some serious time researching Project 4202 assured me that it's not Naryad-V. Another argument against Naryad is that an ASAT kill vehicle is unlikely to need anti-radar coating or a complex shape. Also, there is a possibility that Object 370 has nothing to do with the Project 4202.

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2 comentarios:

  1. Dear Charly

    I think that 4202 is hypersonic strategic cruise missile woth start booster UR-100N

    Nor for space
    Not other wonderwaffe

    DIMMI from MilitaryRussia

  2. Hola

    Puede ser. Los rusos ya probaron sistemas de propulsión exóticos en los lanzamientos contra Kura allá por el año 2004 y han pasado unos años.

    No conviene descartar ninguna opción.