martes, 10 de junio de 2014

El submarino Ekaterinburgo fue botado en Zvezdochka (actualizado)

Noticias Armada Rusa

El submarino estratégico SSBN proyecto 667BDRM 'Ekaterinburgo' ha sido botado en el astillero Zvezdochka de Severodvinsk tras reparar los daños que sufrió meses atrás en un incendio bastante comentado en los medios. También se ha prolongado su vída útil ...

SSBN "Ekaterinburg" withdrawn from boathouse  at JSC "Center of repairing" asterisk "/ is part of JSC" United Shipbuilding Corporation / O solemn ceremony of the boathouse strategic nuclear submarine "Yekaterinburg" (667BDRM etc.). missile submarine strategic (SSBN) 667BDRM (code "Dolphin", according to NATO classification - «Delta-IV») are the backbone of Russian naval nuclear deterrent. Their construction began in 1981 on the PO "Sevmash" (now JSC "PO" Sevmash "). Total from 1984 to 1990, the Navy received seven cruisers of this type. Currently in the fleet are six such boats. In the period from 1999 to 2012 by the Center for repairing "Star" was made ​​with the average repair upgrades all submarines of this project. missile submarine strategic "Ekaterinburg" was laid on the slipway Northern Machine-Building Enterprise in February 1982. In December 1985 missile carrier was raised Naval submarine flag and joined the Navy. In February 1999, an agreement was signed on the establishment of patronage ties with the administration of Ekaterinburg submarine and was awarded the honorary title "Yekaterinburg." In 2003, the Ship Repair Center "asterisk" fulfilled the average repair and modernization of submarines. In June 2012, after the turnaround time was transferred to the submarine Severodvinsk for factory repair and extend the life of the shipyard of "CA" asterisk ". Repair work on the cruiser combined with emergency repair sonar and other equipment of the first compartment. At the time of withdrawal from the boathouse on the ship repair works on housing, outboard systems, survivability, machinery and equipment steam supply system and other ship systems. Completion of repairs will be afloat in the outfitting quay wall. In accordance with state contract transfer submarine navy will take place in the fourth quarter of 2014. As a result of repair works cruiser lifetime will be extended for 3 years. Compliance with contractual deadlines ship would have been impossible without the high Works enterprises counterparty - ACT of "Arctic", JSC "North raid", JSC "CICS", JSC "SRC Makeev", JSC "OKBM", etc.  The Director-General of "Ship Repair Center" asterisk "Vladimir Nikitin - Repair cruiser "Ekaterinburg" - the development of second-cycle plant repairs submarines 667BDRM. Performing these works "asterisk" provide long strategic bombers, which today is a major element of the naval component of the nuclear deterrent. Stages "asterisk" perform factory repair and extend the life of all the "Dolphin", resulting in long service life of these ships substantially exceed regulatory terms of service provided by the project.

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  1. Valen,leyendo en Wikipedia sobre los Delta IV ,hablan, en su historia operacional de los lanzamientos que hicieron sus 7 unidades de los misiles R29 .Al parecer hubo un asunto turbio con el Ekaterinburgo al que llaman Incidente Polar Tempest en el cual disparo un misil para generar un pulso electromagnético que dejó parte de Canadá sin luz por varios días.
    Sabes algo sobre este asunto?
    Gracias de antemano y pinchazo