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El viaje de Shoigu: astillero Amur

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Parafraseando una película mítica, seguimos con "El viaje de Shoigu"...

... ya que está de paseo y fue a KnAAZ (KnAAPO) también se pasó por elastillero Amur... ya que está de paseo y fue a KnAAZ (KnAAPO) también se pasó por el astillero Amur de Komsomolsk-na-Amur y aquí hay algo muy interesante ...

... bueno, al tío Shoigu ya le tenemos muy visto así que aquí va lo interesante, las siguientes imágenes muestran cómo están las cosas con ese proyecto en concreto...

During a visit in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia's defense minister also visited JSC "Amur Shipbuilding Plant", where the Navy built two Russian Project 20380 corvette ("Perfect" and "Loud"), as well as renovated and modernized diesel electric submarine of Project 877 class "Varshavyanka." The total amount of the contracts for the three military orders exceed 30 billion rubles.
Defense Minister expressed dissatisfaction with the organization of work at the factory for repair of the submarine and the failure timing of construction of new ships.
"We will promptly allocate more money while you master the their inefficient. Up the pace and organization of work that you exist in the enterprise, do not satisfy the Ministry of Defense, "- said Gen. Sergei Shoigu and added that the work should be organized" in two or three shifts, "and" not like today you have place - one shift. "
Defense Minister asked the commanders of the Eastern Military District and the Pacific Fleet to take under tight control by the schedule contracts with the Defense Ministry.
"Set the constant monitoring of renovation of existing and construction of new ships with a weekly report on the Central Command Post of General Staff "- set the task Gen. Sergei Shoigu.
told reporters at the factory Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov, "only that we renegotiated contracts for the construction of new Project 20380 corvettes for the Navy of Russia, which meet the interests of both sides - the Russian Defense Ministry and Amur shipyard. Contract price is changed upwards. "
signed two documents put Yuri Borisov and the CEO of "Amur Shipbuilding Plant" Andrew Bassargin.
During the conversation with Defence Minister Andrei Bassargin proposed to create based on the company one of the two centers of military shipbuilding in Russia.

... la  mil.ru 

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